Best way for 4k movies on iPad (please read)

So, I’m going to work on ripping over 100 UHD movies from my personal library. Without having to re-encode them, I’ll have them in ISO format. The first I’ve done (Incredibles 2), doesn’t play. It shows up in my Infuse library, cover art, etc., just doesn’t play and errors out.

Any suggestions on how to play the ISO, or whatever the best way to play without having to run all this through other software. I want to preserve the HDR10/Dolby Vision.

I’m on iOS 12.1 with the Infuse 5.9.

Use MakeMKV, it will convert the ISO file to an MKV Container. There is no loss in quality, you retain everything in its Raw format as it comes on your Blu-ray. Including HDR and Dolby Audio.

I personally have tried a Raw 10 bit HDR 2160p/4K mkv file on Infuse and it plays beautifully.

(Mad Max: Fury Road on iPad Pro 10.5)

Wil it preserve the Dolby Vision?

Unsure. I don’t believe MKV can handle dual layer Dolby vision. There are no players in production that can play dual layer Dolby vision so everything will fall back to HDR10.

The oppo players can play Dolby vision but they are no longer in production.

Thanks for the replies. Good info to take into account. Might not rip my discs after all, for now. Kinda lazy excuse for me not to take the time to do it lol.

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