Best Video Add-ons for XBMC

I have just become the biggest fan of aTV Flash... FireCore and XBMC have made my apple TV 2G breath... 

If anyone interested to watch movies from on Apple TV. 

install XBMC add-ons provided by Nixa; It plays AVI videos flawlessly. Enjoy! B-)

Hi! New to XBMC, how do you install the add-on?



Steps to install New Add-ons library on XBMC (Apple TV 2G)


1) Download the file using this link on your Mac/PC. Don't unzip.

2) Start Apple TV 2G.

3) Connect to Apple TV 2G using SFTP from your Mac/PC. Follow the instructions provided on this link :

4)  Browse to location : /User

5) Create new folder "Downloads" if you would like to, to keep temporary files. /User/Downloads

6) Drag and Drop the ZIP file at this location using Cyberduck Application. After trasnfer is complete, you can end SFTP connection.

7) Open XBMC on Apple TV 2G.

8) System --> Add-ons --> Install from zip file --> Select from downloads folder.

9) This will enable nixa addons.

10) Once again from System --> Add-ons --> Get Add-ons --> nixa addons --> Video Add-ons 

11) Install the best add-on is Fastpasstv

Follow add-on instructions to start viewing best movie collection. Note: Always select VidBux links. Enjoy  

Thanks a lot!!!!

Awesome-Thanks for taking the time to share this .

 I do get a script error  for any online video I try to play. 


Me too--AppleTV Black (4.1.1), Seas0nPass 0.6.7, latest beta of aTVFlash. Followed the directions to install FastPassTV worked fine. But when I try downloading anything it's either  a script error (if I choose to save it), or any streaming show plays for about 1 second, and crashes XBMC and dumps me to the main menu.  Seems like a good thing, but not quite ready...  --mr


I'm a moron.  Sorry--XBMC works great!  I just wasn't viewing the "VidBux" streams, which is apparently The Way on the ATV2.  This is amazing...


I get an error with the "Vidbux " streams not sure why. If any one can help I will check in later.thanks

I got as far as step 8.  Once I select the .zip, it branches off and only shows '...' as an option.  When I flip to click OK, it won't let me.  It just stays on the cancel option.  Will not go up and down.  I cannot get past this.  Any suggestions?

It gives error if link is down or dead. Keep on looking for active links by clicking rest of links of Vidbux or NovaMov.
I love it because I am now free from unwanted ads pop-ups appear while using website in browser.

THANKS to SPARETIME team. WISEVID links are up and working. ENJOY!. 

It looks like none of the links are working now.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

I am having same trouble some links. You can leave comments for nixa at this link:

I found another video add-on that is awesome. Follow the information provided at this link:

Can I ask what links are working for you? I just can’t seem to find any working links.
No response from nixa either…

Sorry, i must be an idiot, but I installed Fastpasstv, it is enabled, but how do you actually watch anything?  What are VidBux links?  I don't see anything or anywhere that mentions that.  Any help appreciated.

Never mind.  I figured out what I was doing wrong.  Thanks.

Many of the plug-ins aka ADDONS for XBMC will not work (THIS IS WRONG, THEY DO WORK!!!).  But you do still have a working one called

IceFilms.  Which is a terrific ADDON for XBMC


Most of the other ones will not work any more.  XBMC just crashes




Just installed the latest NIGHTLY BUILD I feel like an idiot. The plugins do mostly work. My XBMC was crashing on ATV 2 because I needed to install the NIGHTLY BUILD version on my Apple TV 2 (running 4.3 software). Now everything works mostly. Get the NIGHTLY BUILD here as a DEB file.

If you do not know how to install a DEB file (I taught myself in the last half hour), then please stay away from any attempt. There are loads of pitfalls. You have to learn SSH and use the PUTTY and WINSCP applications on windows platform. You also have to change the local HOSTS file on your APPLE TV 2 to prevent updates by APPLE that could disable your ATV2.


I’m having a heck of a time trying to get the add ons to work.  I have followed the instructions to the letter – but when I try to unzip the file, I get a “add on does not have the correct structure.” 



Edit - Never mind.  I figured it out.  :o)

Installing the Nightly Builds instructions…
1) Log into you AppleTV via ssh:
$ ssh root@<your ATV2 IP address>

root@<your ATV2 IP address>'s password: ‘‘enter your password here, it should be “alpine” if you haven’t changed it’’

2) Add the missing repository and make update on the AppleTV:
echo "deb <a href="" target="_blank"></a> tangelo-3.7 main"&gt;/etc/apt/sources.list.d/saurik.list apt-get update
$ apt-get -f install

3) Install the latest nightly build from xbmc:
a - wget <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (then hit enter and wait until its done) b - dpkg -i latest_atv2.deb
(then hit enter and wait until its done)

 NOTE: If you have done this before, latest_atv2.deb is not overwritten … to see the files in the directory
$ ls
Library/  Media/  latest_atv2.deb  latest_atv2-2.deb

4) Just to make sure that all dependencies have been installed properly:
$ apt-get -f install

Close the ssh connection and enjoy XBMC on your AppleTV
$ exit