Best Video Add-ons for XBMC [PART-2]

Hi Guys,

Does anyone want to WATCH INDIA TV SHOWS directly from 

Here is the best add-on to watch your favorite DESI CHANNELS on APPLE TV with High Quality Video Links. 


  • DOWNLOAD  ADD-ON provided on this link:

Low and High Quality Video links will be available from YouTube and DailyMotion. Choice will be yours .

If you like it or want improvements, please pass on your comments. :D

 AJ , Thanks to

Let me know if someone wants to view video from a specific website. I would probably like to create an add-on for them.  

What about slingbox?

Can we view BBC iplayer aj ?

Sorry. Cannot do. BBC iplayer is not supported outside UK. 

Is iplayer supported if you buy a VPN connection for inside the UK effectively mimicking a connection ? I know the original atv1 could do that.

There is a different post about how to add hulu to xbmc. In a different discussion thread.

You may like to discuss with iPlayer add-on developer directly on this forum:

Is is possible for you to create something for, I would like to watch them on my Apple TV,

There are nurmerous channels and videos on there, my father watches religiously and would love for him to get it on his ATV ,





Sure. I would definitely make one.

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Would be nice to have an option to watch videos from or channels from Puerto Rico (WAPA America, Telemundo PR).

How about   I tried the other day and it asked to download flash?

The iPlayer plugin is working very well with XBMC on Apple TV2 in the UK (well, we've got to have something - we can't get Netflix or Hulu). IPlayer might be available for international users later this year; the plan is to launch it as a subscription service for non UK users (us Brits already pay for it through a yearly licence fee). It might need a revised plugin or a separate International iPlayer one to work on XBMC though.


think you can also set up some virtual LAN that makes your ATV2 look like it is in England.  But of course only for those who are traveling, and want this.  No violations of treaties on copyright protection allowed.

Can u please make the add-on for hongkong channel and online drama?

Hi AJ,

Is it possible to add this link to the repository at all. Thank you.