Best USB External Hard Drive (1TB or above) for AppleTV?

I’m looking for the an USB external hard drive that works best with the AppleTV.

Im currently using my 1Tb Time Capsule but I’m really after plugging in an external, thats quiet, fast, and doesn’t get extremely hot (or spins down when not in use).

I’ve been looking at the Western Digital Elements 1.5TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive but Im not sure (going by reviews) if it gets too hot or spins down at all!

Any ideas - what do you guys use?


I have the Western Digital My Books attached to both of my ATV’s and they are extremely quiet I don’t hear them at all unless the room is totally quiet and even then its more like a slight hum. As for heat mine don’t get more than warm, never hot to the touch.
I have ones that have an off switch at the back and if I know I am not going to be using the ATV for awhile I just turn them off and put them back on before turning on the ATV. Otherwise they don’t seem to power down. They rely on the what the source does and as the ATV remains active even thought its in sleep its enough to keep the HD’s active.

What is the best choice to make: a desktop drive which is powered with a power cord and has a switch on/off button ex. LaCie Hard Disk or a Mobile harddisk which is USB powered without power button ex: LaCie Little Hard Disk or Lacie Mobile Disk?

The MyBook line is a good choice. If you don’t plan to travel with the drive a full size desktop size drive will give you the best performance and bang for your buck.