Best streaming service/protocol for local server?

What is considered the best method of streaming for playback in Infuse?

The native integrations services (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin)?

Direct play from Network share ( NFS, SBM ) ?

All options are available for me, so I’m not sure which to pick.

Only personal thoughts but I recently stopped having a need to run Plex, as I’m now down to only Apple devices in my ecosystem.
I’m happily running Infuse via SMB shares.

That said if you will be using Plex,Emby or Jellyfin to use with other non Apple devices then I personally would connect Infuse the same way.


Personally I connect Infuse to a Plex server but only because of two lacking function in Infuse:
Multi User Profiles and custom libraries (Films, Shows, Music Concerts etc.)
If this is ever offered natively in Infuse, my Plex server will be gone because in my opinion, Infuse is a much better player than anything else out there


I have been looking into both Plex and Jellyfin with Infuse as client. In my brief testing it seems like Infuse works better with Jellyfin than Plex (file compatibility). But I will continue to read and test.

I would also like to access files outside my home network, so that is probably better with Plex, Emby or Jellyfin, but I will also test running SMB/NFS with VPN.

As to SMB vs NFS I received more or less the same speed using the speed test in Infuse, so I don’t think the protocol matters ( on my setup ).

It’s all depends on your use cases. For me I opted for plex as the back end because:

  1. Easier remote access
  2. I can update/modify the library from a web UI on the plex server vs doing everything through infuse.
  3. Library sharing with friends
  4. (Also ties in with 3) compatibility with non-apple devices. My friends have plex on their smart TVs and don’t have Apple TV boxes. I also have an nvidia shield tv on one of my TVs. This allows me to sync my watch status between clients on different OS’s.

I use NFS with content on my Synology NAS and two AppleTVs connected to my home network via WiFi (the Synology is connected to my router via ethernet).

Apart from the access time to spin up my drives when my NAS hibernates (which isn’t really an Infuse problem, though I wish the error timeout were longer), it works flawlessly and was easy to setup.