Best Network Setup ?

Hey guys,


just wondering if there any recommend or preferred network setup so that aTV Black for work the best at. Like for example hard wired connections. They seem to be the best, but i recently tried plugging in my macbook to aTV via ethernet and it didn’t work - i guess there “needs” to be a router for it to work ? 

If you can do it then wired tends to be better than Wifi.

It IS possible to plug an ATV directly into a PC/Mac, but then you are responsible for manually configuring the network correctly. Also without an Internet connection much of the ATV built-in functionality is disabled.

Another point is that you cannot simultaneously have wifi and wired connections active. As soon as the ATV2 detects a wired connection it will supersede the Wifi one.

Is there a page/website to show me how to manully configure the connection ? All i really want to do is: Plug in ethernet cable to aTV and then to macbook. Watch a movie ( stored on the macbook harddrive). Thats it really. plug when movie is done :)