Best NAS Drive for Streaming Content?

I’ve run into a bit of a rut lately about external drives. I got a WD My Cloud Home before stupidly realising that it’s locked into its own OS and I can’t get it set up with Infuse through the Apple TV (despite trying many techniques), and I bought a Buffalo Linkstation to try that, the streaming is (reasonably) fine, but the transfer speeds are painfully slow, so I figured I would ask you guys.

What would you say was the best (and most straightforward to set up) NAS drive for streaming content through the Infuse app on Apple TV?

Synology and Qnap make good devices. Try to get one with an intel processor. If you aren’t doing virtualization or anything intensive on it you won’t need SSDs or really fast drives.

I bought a zyexl NAS542, easy to setup for home and cloud

Both Synology and Qnap are well regarded - I’ve a 4 bay Synology.
You could consider a 2 bay unit to save money, and use WD Red drives ( or equivalent) and at least 6Tb i’d say as even bigger capacities are available now…
The Synology software is excellent, but that does mean you may end up with automated tv show content stuff going on, then add security cameras and so on, and end up wishing you got a bigger unit to start with :wink:

Ps Also best to ensure you have a GOOD wifi router, something like a mid to high end Asus - i stream all my content over its 5gHz network without issue ( and keep all our phones, laptops etc etc off that 5ghz).

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I second this. WD red or Seagate IronWolf (synology has direct integration with their “smart” features).

As an update.
You need to think if you’re going to run the NAS with any redundancy or JBOD.

My setup is using the 4 bay NAS mentioned with 4 x 3TB drives as JBOD with no redundancy (risky I know).
I use MakeMKV to save just the main movie part to the NAS with no compression. The house has cat5 installed so my 4K ATV is on that network and Infuse connects through my AV amp to feed TV and projector.

My advice and this is what I’d do if I were staring again is if you’re wanting to keep it simple is any of the NAS mentioned with decent NAS hard drives connected direct to the ATV if all its used for is serving video.
Investigate encoding your files from H264 to H265 (this could take a looong time) which will give you smaller file sizes (with no real loss of quality from what I’ve seen) which will help if you want to include any redundancy.

I have a HP MicroServer with multiple 6TB drives setup as JBOD. It runs FreeNAS which is free. Shares are configured as NFS and serve Infuse 1080p/2160p flies without any issues.