Best Media Box

May be it’s not “politically correct” question in Infuse forum, but may be you can recommened another media box. I need streaming from NAS and library, as I’ve too many movies to navigate manually. I tried Zappiti. It was not bad, but it has problems playing DVD files. Video is not correctly displayed. As far as I understood from their forum, it’s chipset problem, which couldn’t be solved on software level.
I’ll appreciate a lot for a piece of advice.

If you need ISO menu support take a look at Zidoo. They’re players are pretty rock solid and they have a new one out that has full Dolby vision support. They’re user forum is very active and they can help you pick the right box. Be warned the Zidoo boxes are only good for playing your own stuff; support for things like Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ is really really bad. You’ll end up keeping the AppleTV just for paid streaming services.

Today I would say best box for everything is NVIDIAs Shield TV Pro box.

You can easily install the native Kodi app from the Play Store for watching your own stuff (MKVs etc.).

And for Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. you have nice apps.

Will they support Dolby vision in mkv files? That is still fairly new and not widely supported. I assume anything mentioned in this thread should have full bitstream support too :slight_smile:

They’re a good box but are limited in some file support such as other Dolby vision profiles. Zidoo has a new box that does Dolby vision and HDR10+. They also support full 3D (for anyone who has a tv that does that) as well as bluray menus.

They claim full support. I’m going to assume that also means dual layer and anything else. If support for a certain container is missing they usually add it in a month or so.

They use their own external player so they don’t have to rely on kodi/plex/etc to implement support.