Best hassle free setup with external HD?


Here’s my Apple TV story and a couple of questions…

Bought an Apple TV for my wife recently and everything was fine until the memory ran out and she doesn’t want to delete her stuff. So off to the Apple store bought a Mac Mini thinking that I can store data on my Time Capsule and stream from Mac Mini which I had some problems. To start with when I started the sync from Apple TV to iTunes on Mac Mini, lost all the data instantly…apparently that was a bug in new iTunes version. Complained to Apple Customer Service and they were really nice and allowed me to download everything I lost again.
Another problem I had was Movies were freezing during stream as all 3 components were wirelessly connected and at different parts of the house.Also my wife hates computers and she didn’t want a computer involved in the solution, so here I am ended up thinking about getting an ATV flash.
I got a new WD 2T HD to use with Atv flash…so what is the best set up?
Shall I use HD as the primary memory?
How does the sync work with iTunes? ( Any history of losing data while syncing from itunes as Apple will not let me download 900 media files if I lose them again)
And after the set up(as external HD as primary, is it a good idea to back that up or there’s no possibility of losing that data unless I do smtg stupid?)

Thanx in advance for all suggestions and help.



Your 2TB drive should work well when connected to the AppleTV. One thing to keep in mind is if you sync a movie from iTunes, then remove it from the Mac mini, during the next sync the movie will also be removed from the AppleTV. This is currently the only way to remove synced content from the AppleTV.

Thanks Max,

A couple more questions…

Can I use the external HD for both media bought from iTunes and my other dowloaded stuff?

What is the best set up? Using external HD as primary or secondary?What are the pros and cons of setting up external HD as secondary?
If I use internal HD as primary what happens when it’s full?Does it automatically start copying iTunes bought stuff on to external HD?

Many thanks

Thrust idle74

Yes, if using the drive as primary (iTunes syncing) you can copy other non-iTunes media to it as well.

The choice of which option to use really depends on the amount of iTunes media you have. If your iTunes collection is larger than the AppleTV internal drive using the external as primary makes sense. If you can fit everything on the internal drive, you won’t see any benefit from having iTunes sync to the external drive.