best / fastest way to get content onto ATV Generation 1

I have acquired a JB ATV 1 with aTV Flash and many plugins installed. What’s the best / fastest way to get content onto the 160 GB internal drive ?

I have tried using FTP with Cyberduck via Wifi but it’s very very slow. Hard wired connection via RJ45 is a bit impractical because of where the device is located.

e.g 4 AVI files approx 4GB taking more than one hour. 

WinSCP any faster than FTP?


I don’t use Windows - just Mac or Linux 

WinSCP is utility, not protocol.

FTP or SMB  are fastest what you can get on it, ~10Mbs.

Connect it to wire and you will get your 4gb movie  in 5min.

WinSCP won’t run on Mac/Linux but similar such as Putty / Cyberduck will.

Even using hard wired lan cable, the speed sucks .