Bespoke Tagging

Hello all

Is it possible to organise my files not at folder level but through tags, and therefore Infuse to be able to navigate using only tags?

So for example I could search for, or create a folder display of, a tag of ‘1988’ or ‘Oliver Stone’ etc rather than having to organise films by folder on my NAS?


If I’m understanding what you’re asking Infuse does that now. I just entered year in the search and it gave me both the movies and TV shows that are from that year. I also did Oliver stone and it also displayed him as producer and director. When you click on one of the pics it shows the movies that he directed or produced.

I don’t know if the tags you provide personally will work since my library is about all metadata from TMDB so that may be a test you’ll have to run.

Thanks very much, that makes sense. Is there guidance anywhere on how to amend/add meta data to files in the best way for Infuse, specifically, what app can change the files to include embedded metadata?

The users guide on metadata may help.