Besides ATV2 + Firecore- what is the second best media viewing experiance?

So what is it?

XBMC :wink:

Honestly, I just bought the FireTV and am using Plex on it… until FireCore gets Infuse on there… hint hint :slight_smile:

But it works well… I’ve posted a few things about it today.

Due to the inability to jailbreak ATV3, the ridicules price of 2nd hand ATV2’s, Ive been been building RaspberryPI’s with OpenELEC and XBMC. It supports WiFI via a dongle and CEC so remotes are easy if you have a TV that supports it. If not there are enough IR dongles that work with it.

For those that can’t or are unwilling to try building themselves, there are enough ready to go boxes on Ebay. FireCore on ATV is still the easiest to setup and use though.