Being Erica not fully recognized

Hi there,

I have this strange recognizing issue on my SMB library.

Being Erica: Infuse recognizes episodes in season 1, 3 and 4, but not the one in the second. The naming convention is the same for all episodes (Being Erica.S01E01.Dr. Tom.SDTV.avi)

Obviously Season 2 is in Other and if I try to edit metadata on one episode Being Erica is not even found.

Do you know how to fix?

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It sounds like you may have an illegal character or possibly a hidden character in the file names that is throwing things off. Can you copy and paste the names of a couple of the season 2 episode files here?

A screen cap of your file structure and names for season 2 may help too.

Are each seasons episodes in individual folders like “Season 01”, “Season 02”, etc? that helps but I’ve seen where a misspelling of the word “Season” caused problems and that’s an easy mistake to make. (Don’t ask me how I know this. :clown_face:)

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Thanks for the hint.

Season 2 episode names was like Being Erica.02E01.avi and not Being Erica.S02E01.avi

Just my silly mistake.

So it’s all working now? Just wanted to make sure. :wink:

It worked perfectly.

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