Behaviour inconsistent between apps

There’s is a difference between behaviour in the Apple TV app and the iOS app.

In the Apple TV version in my TV section, all series that have only 1 season shows the poster on the series folder and on the 1 season folder.
If the series contains more than 1 season then the series folder doesn’t show the poster/artwork but all the season folders in it do show the artwork.
On iOS all series show the artwork no matter whether they have 1 season or more.

Also on Apple TV the alphabetical order of series are messed up. All the series with only 1 season are push to the bottom after all the series with more than 1 season I.e.

Series A
    Season 1
    Season 2
Series B
    Season 1
    Season 2
Series C
    Season 1
    Season 2
Series BB
    Season 1

How can I fix all this?


For the shows that show up at the end of the alpha list with only one season, if you put the episodes for that one season in a folder labeled “Season 01” (or what ever the correct season number is) it will correctly alphabetize that series. When you have a series folder with episodes inside without having season folders to separate them it will throw things off.

Even if it’s just one episode, make a season folder for it with the correct season number inside the series folder and it will fix this.

Thanks I’ll give it a go.

This may help to clarify a bit, even if you only have a single episode of a show follow this example for it with the correctly labeled season folder.

Trying it now. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks so much. You’re a genius. This has solved all the issues I detailed above. I’ve just changed to use season folders for all series and now artwork is displayed and everything is alphabetical. THANK YOU!!!

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You’re welcome! Glad it did what you wanted.

Thank you for getting me to go back on a few I had procrastinated on fixing and getting them corrected. :wink:

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