Beginners Questions about library management

I have some basic questions about infuses library management that are not really addressed in the online documentation.

  1. Lets say I added three shares under files and made them favourites. First question: Is making them favourites the same as check marking them under setting->library (MAC)?

  2. Infuse will start to scan and download artwork etc. Let’s say this is done and I manually edit the metadata (change a misidentified movie etc) for a couple of movies (across all shares). So far no problem.

  3. I now want to only view movies from two of the three shares in library mode. If I now deselect the checkmark for the share I do not want to view from settings->library what will happen? Assuming this works as intended and now the library only shows everything from the two remaining shares, what happens if I now bring back the third share? Does Infuse need to redownload all the artwork, do I have to redo any manual edit of metadata? And what would happen if I had done a rescan or refreshed meta data before bringing back the third share?