Beginner problem with JBing ATV2


Im having trouble jailbreaking my Apple TV2.

Ive just got the ATV2. Ive downloaded Firmware 5.3 and used iTunes to restore the ATV2 to that (and confirmed via the ATV). Ive then downloaded Seas0nPass and run it. Its gone through all its steps getting me to push the buttons for 7 seconds etc.. and i get the done message at the end. But when i connect it to my tv all i get is the connect to iTunes picture.

Where am i going wrong? Ive tried this about 7 times now and get the same thing every time.

Any help is appreciated


Try updating the atv thru itunes. Youll have a fresh atv running the current software. Before doing the jb process, plug your atv on the tv and hopefully you can access your atv. Then proceed with the jb process. Also, check the seasonpass version youre using. 


Good luck

The ATV works fine with the 5.3 installed. Are you suggesting i updat to the current version, then downgrade t the 5.3 and then use seasonpass?

Or update to the current version then use seasonpass staright away?

Its seasonpass-2 that i have, i believe this to be correct.

Ive just downloaded the latest from apple on to the ATV. Triead seasonpass straightaway and the ATV wouldnt go into DFU mode. So i updated the ATV through iTunes again (6.1.1) then set it up on the tv, WiFi name etc.. and then tried seasonpass. This time seasonpass completed its process but when the ATV is plugged into the TV all i get is the connect to iTunes picture.

This is getting really frustraighting now.

Which seasonpass version are you using?

Says seasonpass-2 and the about tab satates Version 0.9.5 (775)