Before I spend $10, will it work for my use case?

The media is on a Seagate Wireless Plus, and I want to airplay it to an AppleTV. Videos are an assortment of codecs, mostly 1080p, with a mixture of DTS and AC3 audio. AppleTV is connected to random hotel tv of the week, typically not DD capable. Wifi is a 2.4ghz N travel router. iOS device is an Ipad Mini (1st version).

The free version won’t play my media, and I’ve been burned by the clowns at cinexplayer, so I have to ask…

Will this app work well for this use case?

Based on the info you provided is almost certainly yes.

Infuse does a pretty good job warning about potential playback issues (if any are expected) before prompting for any kind of upgrade, so as long as you’re not seeing any of these you should be just fine.

You may want to disable the ‘Dolby over AirPlay’ option found in the sidebar settings menu. This will force Infuse to send regular 2ch audio over AirPlay to avoid any compatibility issues with whatever device is connected to the Apple TV.

Lastly, I will note there is a rare DTS audio issue we’re looking into that is affecting a small number of users. It probably won’t affect you, but just in case it does pop up you can rest assured a fix is on the way.

Hope this helps.