Before i purchase...playing DVD ISO images

Been reading various posts for awhile. I am confused over what ATV and aTV Flash can actually do. I would like to make exact .iso files of my DVD’s and store them on my file server and play them through my ATV. It appears that this can be done, but i am confused as to if the new aTV Flash with my ATV (using 2.2 software) can actually play a DVD ISO image and pass through 5.1 information to my home theater system. From the posts i read, nitoTV is able to play ISO images but not pass through surround sound. Is this true? If it is true, is there an alternative? Thanx in advance for any advice.

Hoping some user has tried this and is successful. If you have been successful, please let me know which AtvFlash player (e.g. NitoTV, or ???) was successful playing an ISO image (fileserver or not) and passed through surround sound info.

Yes, VIDEO_TS files are supported and are the optimal DVD format on the AppleTV. ISO files are are not officially supported, but should work. VIDEO_TS files tend to be more reliable.

Thank you for you answer regarding support of VOB’s and ISO images.

Also, i have heard of problems with older versions not supporting 5.1 surround sound? Does aTVFlash support playing of VOB’s (or ISO’s and 5.1 Dolby Digital and/or DTS surround?

How can I upload my mini dvd from my handycam onto my computer? I have a Sony Carl Zeiss and I have to somehow get the stuff on the small dvd onto my computer. I put it in the disc thingie (the top and bottom one) and nothing happened. I tried using a usb plug but all that does is upload this pictures.

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