Before I commit to an Apple TV 5th gen - could anyone help?

Hello! Sorry if this doesn’t warrant it’s own thread - wasn’t sure where else to post it.

I have an old Synology DS214play which has been brilliant with Infuse on my 1080p TV - I have 200+Mpbs fibre, connect via NFS, still have the 4th gen ATV.

Have just bought a 4K TV and want to get a 5th gen ATV to go with it - just wonder if it’ll be up to the job when trying to play 50-60gb HEVC rips? Same set up as before, but add into the mix the fact this new TV is on a different floor to the router. Did some tests with Synology’s DS Video Samsung app - really struggled. Then tried with the Infuse app on my iPad Pro (A9X chip) and my iPhone XS - slightly better but still lots of buffering. Should I rule out the 5th gen ATV? Or are those tests not a fair representation of how the ATV will handle large HEVC files?

Hopefully someone can help! Many thanks.

If you have enough bandwidth, infuse can play those files perfectly. But you need a wifi with a stable bandwidth of at least 70-80 Mbps.

OK, cool. I might just go for it. Bandwidth is pretty stable. Have Google Wifi round the house which lets me prioritise devices too, which I guess could help?

Thanks for the response!

We’ve tested some pretty large files here (see attached), and Infuse handles them all very well. With regard to bitrate, Infuse on the ATV4K can handle up to about 200mbps, which is quite a bit beyond any commercial 4K films you will find.

Of course, the limiting factor with files this large is going to be the network, and having a wired Ethernet connection can make a big difference.

Thanks James! Very helpful. Really wish we’d had ethernet ports put in when we had the loft done in our house.

Not sure if it would help, but there is a rumor of a new ATV this week.

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There’s no new Apple TV.