Before I Buy Questions...


I was going to post this in the appropriate place but I was not given the option so here we go: I just bought a 40 gig Apple TV off Ebay and am looking into purchasing ATV Flash, however I have some concerns. I am confused by what I am reading in different places on the internet so I thought I would just come here and ask before I purchase.

  1. Does Boxee allow me to stream Netflix & Hulu to the Apple TV or are there still issues with the newest version of Flash?

  2. Can I stream wirelessly from a hard drive that is shared via an Airport Extreme base station?

  3. Is there any other keyboard/mouse options besides the iPhone application and the Apple remote?

Thanks, I appreciate any help.

  1. Unfortunately Netflix is not currently supported on the AppleTV.

  2. Yes, streaming from a shared hard drive connected to a Time Capsule or Airport Extreme is supported.

  3. Yes, any USB or RF wireless keyboard/mouse setup can be used.