Before I buy Itunes U

I am considering buying an Apple TV 2.  How does iTunes U work with it.  Out of the box can I search from the apple tv for Itunes U content and download directly?  I have read that older ones do not allow this.  Also if I can not, how can I accomplish using it.  I am wanting just to use this for iTunes U.  I understand the APTV2 requires a PC running w/ itunes to store the content and stream from it.  I am just wondering if I must download from itunes on that pc prior to it showing on the APTV or if i can do it all from the couch.

I tunes U are Podcasts that can be accessed from apple tv in the Podcasts menu. They can also be scheduled to be saved to iTunes and then watched on ATV via streaming from iTunes…either way they can be viewed on ATV…hope this helps…be well…

I miss spoke…I tunes u Podcasts are not accessible directly from the atv2 but you can schedule them from iTunes on your computer and then access them fom computer on the ATV main menu in computers…library…iTunes u