Before announce the general release, the support term

I just think,

aTV 2 is not release the general version.

after purchas this product, the user is a acting as an beta tester.

this period should not be included in the regular support time period (ex, 1 year...)


It does not as far as I know. According to the Firecore web site, if you sign up now for the beta then the formal start of your one year of support is when the software comes out of beta and is made General Release.

That is correct. Below is an excerpt taken from the FAQs page.

Does my license expire 1 year from the pre-order date, or the final release date?

Once the final version of aTV Flash (black) is released we'll be resetting the 'clocks' to start from that day. The extra time during the beta phase is added as a free bonus. You can also purchase extended years of support at a discount during the checkout process.