Be able to Play and download version of a Plex Item

Hi everyone,

On my Plex server, i have copies in multiple qualities of an item (for example 4K and 1080p). In Plex, I can select « play version » and I can chose which one I can play or download.

Can it be possible on Infuse Pro ? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

The users guide on this can be found here.

As a TL;DR I think it involves a long press on the play button and that will will give you the play version option.

My bad, I was thinking that it was not possible like in the Plex app. Everything is working :slight_smile:

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Great to hear.

Quick question, the app doesn’t ask me which version to download when I want to download all unseen episodes from a tv show season. Any idea on how to download every unseen episode with the version selection ? (It seems to download in the max quality possible when I would have wanted a prompt to download 1080p instead of 4K)

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