Be able to download if not present on media library

Good morning,

I just thought of something that might be super interesting for Infuse.

In order to make infuse even more powerful, would it be possible that instead of having the list of films and/or series present on the server to have a list of all possible and imaginable films afterwards, with the new feature present in version 7.4.5 to have the trailers on the movie page and if the movie is not present to have a download button instead of play and clicking on the download button it will make a request to radarr, sonarr, or even Ombi and will go directly to ask for the film if it is not present.

Given that Sonarr and Radarr displays the time remaining for the availability of the file, it could be interesting to display as during an iOS application update the time remaining before the availability of the file on the server.

Here’s what I thought of that might improve the experience within the app even more

Best Regards


You’re suggesting Infuse become a bittorrent downloader or manager?