BDMV Stream (Title) Ordering


I’ve noticed that while playing BDMV disk images Infuse player does that in order that is defined by m2ts files ordering in STREAM folder (while it’s not correct from movie logical perspective).

Do you have a plans to retrieve that info from Blu-Ray disk metadata? Or to support Blu-Ray disk menus? :slight_smile:

By default, Infuse will attempt to play the main BDMV title - though this may or may not be the first title on the disc.

You can select an alternate title manually through the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Hi, James!

Yes, I can switch between the titles easily, but the problem is that you can not know what title you need to play (they simply are names Title 1, … , Title N, out of logical order). I remember email from your company about the features that the users would like to see in upcoming releases, so if I were to choose one I would vote for solution for this problem (actually I’ve voted for Blu-Ray many support, which should probably fix this issue as well). I also saw a couple of similar topics on your forum, so it seems that I’m not the only one frustrated with this :slight_smile:

It’s not my business at all, but I think that good DVD/Blu-Ray images support might be the key factor why people would choose Infuse Player instead of Plex for example (actually, this was the reason how I’ve found this app for myself).

@james Is this improvement in your roadmap at least?