BDMV files in cloud drive playback issues

Playback equipment: iPhone 12 Pro(ios 17.1.2); apple tv 4k 2022; iPad pro 2022

infuse version: 7.6.4(4633)

First of all, when palying the BDMV files, I can be sure that infuse is not matching the metadata or getting the details of the movie.

The problem of BDMV file in cloud drive playback is mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

1.When infuse matches metadata for BDMV files, it will take a long time to get detailed information.

2.When playing BDMV files in the cloud drives, the loading time will be long(4 minutes or even longer).

3.After dragging the progress bar, the loading time will also be very long.

But if I download the BDMV file to my PC and use SMB to access it, there will be no above problems.

I mainly use two cloud drive: aliyun drive and 115 cloud drive(

For aliyun drive, this problem has existed since infuse update to support aliyun drive.

For 115 cloud drive, I have been using Alist(GitHub - alist-org/alist: 🗂️A file list/WebDAV program that supports multiple storages, powered by Gin and Solidjs. / 一个支持多存储的文件列表/WebDAV程序,使用 Gin 和 Solidjs。) and Clouddrive2( access movies in the cloud drive. These two cloud drive mounting tools are very popular in mainland China. They can run on the PC to provide WebDav service, and then we can access files in the cloud drive through WebDav.

Couddrive2 can display the files currently being accessed.Through this function, I found that when palying BDMV files, infuse will first read the index file, then read the .mpls and .clpi files, and finally read the .ts file. Therefore, the long loading times is due to the long time it takes for infuse to read .mpls and .clpi files. Moreover, if I drag the progress bar, infuse will start reading .mpls and .clpi files again, which makes the loading time very long.

If I package BDMV files as iso files or delete redundant .mpls and .clpi files, the loading time will be much shorter.

It is hoped that developers will optimize the strategy of reading .mpls and .clpi files to solve these problems.
For example, read all .mpls and .clpi files at once instead of reading them one by one. Or download these files locally when scanning the media library for playback. Or mark the main .ts file when scanning the media library and locate the file directly when playing.
I really don’t want to package BDMV files as iso files and upload them to the network disk, which takes too long.

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