BD-.iso: Language of audio tracks not identified

Dear all,

repeatedly for some large BD-.iso files incl. HD audio I encountered the issue, that the language of audio tracks is not identified.

However, if you run MediaInfo / BDInfo to scan the respective BD-.iso, all metadata required for proper language identification is present.

This defect is annoying, as Infuse at start of movie fails to pick up the correct language as specified by the user in the settings.


Is this happening with all ISOs, or just a few?

Can you post one of the MediaInfo specs for these videos, and maybe an image of what you are seeing in Infuse?

O.k. I will - most likely on the weekend.

This issue occurs w/ audio AND subtitle tracks.
Attached 8 screencopies (tvOS, iOS / 4 each / 4 working, 4 not working).
According to my testing, I can rule out 3D and .iso-size.
However, total number of audio and subtitle tracks could be the root cause.

I believe James meant that he also wanted you to post the results using the MediaInfo application which is a free download available at:

Already provided prior - via upload. However, my “weapon of choice” has been BDInfo.

Any news on this topic? I do not mean to push, just curious :slight_smile: … Lars

Any progress on this defect? As said above, audio and subtitle tracks are not being identified. Thanks a lot for looking into it. You guys deliver a great product.