BBC iPlayer

Firstly, congrats on a very professinal application and the dedication shown in providing regular feature updates.

The BBC have released UK and International versions of iPlayer for both iPad and iPhone, it would be great to have an iPlayer app incorporated into aTV Flash.

I have previously configured various Internet TV plugins in XBMC, however for me the the primary selling feature of aTV Flash was the convenience of access to increased content within the aTV interface, avoiding the requirement to run XBMC.

Would any one else like iPlayer natively in aTV Flash?


Yes Please!

+1 for this and icefilms…Would like to stop using XBMC. I prefer how well media player works with ATV2 menu.

And another vote here

Yeah definitely!


+1 here!




Although Iplayer does now play fullscreen when mirroring from the ipad unlike the other channel players.

This would be great

Yes please. 

I have an iPlayer (Global) subscription. Would love to ditch my iPhone/iPad and just be able watch directly under aTV Flash so +1 here.

Yes please

Hello Firecore, it’s been 6 months since I posted the question of BBC iPlayer support, it would be great to receive an update on whether this will ever be considered for development?

Would like this also, using XBMC is a pain and trying to use it in Couch Surfer is like pulling teeth. 

Come on Firecore, any development plans ?

+1 I’d like this feature too, along with an ITV Player, 4oD, and Demand 5! :slight_smile:

iPlayer would be a start though!