BBC iPlayer

Hi, First of all let me state that I’m not technical in anyway shape or form, but I do like my gadgets! :wink:

Got my ATV box this week, jailbreaked and loaded FireCore yesterday. Spent the evening playing with it, ATV is cool, FireCore really opens it up and makes it really cool!

My question is, I cant get BBC iPlayer to work, I can get to the BBC site through the browser, can click on the link, but not a lot happens.

Am I doing something wrong?



I’ve got exactly the same question.

I’vetrawled around the forums her and it clearly is possible, I think via XMBC).

I’ve installed XBMC, butu now what?

Can anybody provide a step by step guide/walk through on what needs to be done.


PS - I’m a UK resident so don’t have the added need/complication of needing a VPN


Firstly you will need xbmc installed as the only way to use iplayer is via a xbmc plugin.

Then get the latest zip for the iplayer plugin from here:

You will the have to transfer the zip to your atv2. I do this using the filezila client. (

Next get your atv2 ip address from settings → general → network .

In filezilla connect to your atv2 using this IP address as the host name and username/password is by default root/alpine. Also set the port to 22. You will then see your atv2 on the right.

Now transfer the zip file in /private/var/mobile/Media on the atv2.

And finally fire up xbmc and go to system → add-ons → install from zip and select the home folder → Media and select the zip file we copied earlier…

And your done… If you navigate to videos → add-ons from the xbmc home screen iplayer will be installed. A good tip is to set it up as a shortcut for easy access just check system → skin → add-on shortcuts…

I also recomend the tvcatchup and icefilm plugins… But that’s another story :wink:


Many thanks for the walkthrough. I will be sure to give it a go later today.


I’ll also check out ice films. I’m familiar with tvcatchup, but as far a as I’m aware that’s live TV streams ?


Are you able to point me in the direction of the plugin for other UK TV catch up services like 4OD?


Thanks again,


Yes tvcatchup is only live streams…

As fas as I am aware iplayer is all we get on xbmc… But you might want to check the channel4 YouTube channel, don’t think there is much on there though… Gluck with the install…


Actually didn’t work for me. I’m using the latest firecore build but when I try to install from the Zip, I get booted-out back to the main menu…no installation takes place. Spent a bit of time looping about before digging further: Seems there’s a Hitcher’s Repo plugin that you can also use:

I downloaded that, moved it over into the Media directory (as per your instructions) and installed it through XMBC…this one installed fine. 

One note - if you’re using a proxy service, you need to put that into the plug-in’s proxy settings. If you do it in XMBC’s, it doesn’t work. (Most proxy require you pay your yearly license fees as well…  )

As fas as I am aware iplayer is all we get on xbmc…

Oh no… I thought that having bought an ATV Flash license I’d ‘have a browser’ so would be able to access the web based catch up services. Once I’d slapped my forehead on remembering Apple’s issues with Flash (thus rendering browser based access to these services impossible) I thought/hoped xbmc would come to the rescue.

Will Plex provide the same issues/constraints?

I’m watching the catch-up of Merlin right now via the XMBC/iPlayer plugin. I can also watch all of Auntie’s channels, including HD content (within the aTV’s constraints) and even live TV…what where you looking to get?

Was hoping/wanting to have access to all the web based catch up services from the UK free to air broadcasters, to ITV Player, 4OD etc

It’ll be a shame if this isn’t going to be possible :frowning:

Different thing - should be supported in the Couchsurfer web browser plugin. 

I know they reference “Flash interfaces” on the wiki page:

Thanks for all the help with this. Will do this when I get a min to myself!

I’ve been looking at all these tips and pointers and while I think the xbmc iplayer solution will work (not had a chance to check it out/install yet) I’m pretty sure that other web based UK catch up services won’t.

Which is a shame and not what I thought Inwas letting myself in for. So I’ll be holding out for some xbmc plugins and/or a solution that allows Flash (Adobe, not ATV Flash) based content to work on an iOS based device.

Now REALLY looking forward to the Autumn Xbox update that’ll bring iplayer, 4OD, ITV as channel 5 catch up services (all controlled by Kinect) to my TV.

Given some of the issues I am having with the media player, I am wondering if should have just gone down the Xbox or PS3 route insead of ATV etc. Ah well, done now!


This trolling is getting a bit tedious. 

Boys, read the site - HTML5 video, at no point do they say they support Flash video (it’s iOS. You’ve been paying attention, right?) and certainly do they make no claims about iPlayer. If you’re in the UK, use the plugin, otherwise complain to the websites/studios for not supporting HTML5 video or offering an open solution. 

You’ve got a solution for iPlayer in XBMC, and it works and works fine, but if you can’t be bothered to try it, go buy your xBox and leave us in peace. 

Just quit the whinging. 

Put your handbag down and take an aspirin.

There’s only one troll spitting venom in here. All the other posters are doing is trying to find answers to questions and giving thoughts, feedback and other possible solutions to getting the desired results.

From where I sit, I see two. 

Seriously - I spent time explaining how to get iPlayer running on XMBC here. Listening to you both whinge about things atvFlash don’t do (and never said they do) and then ignoring solutions presented to you is what I’m speaking about. If you want to go xbox, go there - ask them for a refund or something, but stop polluting the thread. 

Sorry, did somebody hear something? I heard a noise, but not sure what it was.


Great, got iPlayer working via the Hitcher’s Repo route. Thanks to all who helped.


Just now got to wait for our other broadcasters to provide iOS friendly streams… or do we?


If 4Od an ITV iPlayer have an iPad app, is there an iOS stream out three somewhere that could be accessed in the same way that the iPlayer add-on works? Just a thought

Get back in your box will you! Read my initial post that clearly states I’m in no way a technical geek! Thanks again to anyone that has genuinely helped!

I’ve done all this and but when I go to system -> add-ons -> install from zip and select the home folder -> Media the file does not show there. What could be going wrong?