BBC Iplayer

Before upgrading to the latest version of Boxee, I used to be able to use the BBC Iplayer in the applications but for what ever reason it has now gone. Can anyone advise how I get the Iplayer back in either Boxee or XBMC.

The iPlayer almost works in Boxee. I can see all the channels and programs. If I click on one it says it is loading and shows that it is ‘now playing’ at the top of the screen. But… no video, just a black screen. The iPlayer also will not work in Couch Surfer (at least for me). I’ve got the latest versions of everything loaded and have rebuilt my ATV a couple of times just to make sure everything is correct. Still no luck getting iPlayer or Hulu to work as advertised.

XBMC IPlayer PlugIn works great for me - even has the HD channels.

Where did you find the iPlayer plugin in XBMC? I’m not able to get much of anything working in XBMC.

Make sure you have the SVn Repo Installed (XBML/BOXEE -> Downloads)

Start XMBC -> From Main Menu, Press Menu on remote, on RHS of sceen you will get single menu option for SVN Repo Installer

Select this, select XMBC - Addons -> Plug ins -> Video -> it will take some time to get all 64 items you can install !

In this install list you will find IPlayer -> install it.

Once you have installed it you can go back to the main menu and select Video -> Video PlugIns -> iPlayer.

HD only really works well if your have a i) fast DSL connection 8MB or greater and ii) direct 1GB network connection , otherwise you will get lots of stop start action ‘buffering’

The other ‘standard’ streaming works fine (I have 6MB DSL) - Watched SilentWitness last night without any interuption or judder. Just about to watch Heroes :slight_smile:

XMBC does take a bit of setting up but work great for me. I have a HP Media Smart with all my DVD’s ripper onto it as ISO’s - it play’s them really well. If you have set up a share in nitroTV it picks this up as well.

Let me know how you get on and if you need any more help.



Thanks for the reply but still can’t get it working.

I re-downloaded xbmc and SVn from the XBMC/Boxee menu – opened XBMC and pressed the menu button. Nothing on the
RHS of screen. On the LHS of screen I get the menu for ‘Video, Weather, Scripts, etc.’. If I push the menu button twice I get RHS screen menus but they are all empty. From the main menu if I push the play/pause button I see a folder called XBMC.APP and can navigate through a number of sub folders but they are all empty.

What have I messed up in my setup? I have the most up-to-date plugins that I can find and am not getting anywhere fast. Thanks

I’ve taken a screen shot.

If you highlight the VIDEO menu then press the menu button once you should get the menu one the RHS as shown below.
[attachment=0]DSCF1313 (Copy).JPG[/attachment]

I ended up having to do a factory restore of my ATV. The good news is after reloading XBMC and SNV I got the iPlayer to work (almost). My question is how do you get around the IP blocking by the BBC or whomever. I have Hotspot Shield ‘enabled’. Do I have to set up a proxy server also?

I still get a number of errors on some of the other video plugins like NBC (script errors or XMBC exited with error 10). Are there other pieces I need to install in XMBC? I see a number of items that could be installed but not sure if I need them all.

thanks again for your previous advice.