BBC iPlayer or TVcatchup on ATV



I wondered if anyone has got either the BBC's iPlayer or TVcatchup to work on their AppeTV? 


The browser version doesn't work, my assumption on this being the lack of flash. However, I have seen a few posts around both of these on various forums but they seem very vague. Some posts indicate a plugin for either via XBMC or Boxee. This would be a great feature for us UK users.


Feedback of any type on this appreciated.

Have a look at this for XMBC 

I've put this on mine and I'm well impressed with the quality of it I think it's 264 as appose to flash, it's a shame it cant be built in to the Atv Menus but it's not to mush hassle to fire up XBMC. 

Forgot to add that you can watch all BBC channels live with this to.

You have to follow the instructions as for the mac install but use cyberduck to drop the file into the add-ons location on the Atv.

Just been playing with it again and it is for me the best quailty Iplayer on the mac/atv that I have used.

 I got iPlayer, 4OD, Five on Demand, and ITV Catchup all working through Boxee.

Bit slow, and the menu's can be a bit cumbersome, but it works.

Although I think the 4OD is a bit patchy now

I would rather use Boxee for the Iplayer as I like the interface more than XBMC but the quality of Iplayer is far superior on it with x264 over flash on Boxee and I have no idea if this plug-in will work with Boxee.

I have posted about this on the Boxee for Atv forums but I've not had any responses yet.

What about none-UK users who are blocked from using iPlayer? Is it possible to install "Identity Cloaker" or something similar on the Apple TV? "Hotspot Shield" works fine if you need a US IP address to hide behind but how to get something similar for  a UK address?

Firsty, let me say a huge THANKS! to you for replying to this post. I had been looking around for this for a while and had almost gave up. I knew there must be a way to do this somehow!

I am busy reinstalling atvflash now as it seems, after my last update, that XBMC is no longer working. Fingers crossed that after this installation it will work OK.

If you can spare the time a couple of questions please:

1) When you say the add ons directory - I can only see a plugins directory in the frontrow//applications/.....XMBC directory/plugins diretory. Is this the same?(forgive the exact syntax as I can't see the dir right now due to resinstallation) I'm accessing from a Windows based machine via SSH ftp so this is the directory I see. If not maybe I need to access via a diferent method to see more directories?

2) I tried boxeee with their add on - it bombed! :o( Hey ho. So when you say 4OD etc can you advise of your methodology for this please?

Thanks again for your reply - my girlfriend isnt't over the moon right now due to my geeking it up but I am sure that once all is working successfully both she and I will be very happy.

Once I get the full method for this I will post on this and other forums with a how to so that others can enjoy!





I got this working eventually......

I had to completely wipe my Apple TV to its factory settings. (Others may not have to do this but I just couldn't get  it to work otherwise)

I reinstalled ATVflash and installed XBMC - this worked OK.

Then installed BOXEE - this worked too but I could then not get XBMC to work.....again this may be specific to my machine.

As it wasn't working correctly I used the ATV USB Creator and installed this way. This worked fine and I installed both boxee and XBMC.

I then got the plugins for TVcatchup and BBC iplayer and installed then into /mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/XBMC/plugins/video/

Good news is that Tvcatchup works fine. I can watch all live TV through XBMC. Result!

Bad news is that the iPlayer will not work. Menus etc come up but nothing happens :o(

However then I took a look at Boxee and there, nice and shiny was the iPlayer app. Tried it and it now works fine too (though a little stutter at times).

Thanks to those who replied and hopefully this may be of some use to others.

 good afternoon 

have you a step by step idiot guide as to how the tvcatchup is done ?[bit of a novice im afraid!]

ive been thinking of how to get itvplayer and 4od and channel 5 on the apple tv ?

also is there any momentum to a spotify and squeezecentre plugin ?



im in the UK