BBC iPlayer (is it the same browser and user agent as iDevices?)


Does anyone know if BBC iPlayer works in the couchsurfer browser? (in the UK I mean, not talking about VPN-based country detection workarounds or anything here…)

should do if it uses the same webkit as iPod/iPhone and/or sends say the iPad user agent string?


Hi there,

It doesn't work, just went down to 4.0 and installed ATV Flash (black) just to try it out. The normal desktop iplayer website asks to install flash, the mobile version says that the mobile device [apple TV] is not yet supported. The wait continues!



Just tried it here - both the browser version and the ‘big screen’ version as presented to the iPad / iPhone / Wii etc.

But it still wants Flash.

If the user-agent could be presented as iPad, I’m pretty sure it would work.

yep, I'm the original anonymous poster - bought Firecore since asking but before the replies, and of course found it doesn't work :)


it must be sending some generic user agent string.. I don't really have the tools for it at home right now (don't have a PC and wired network set up..), but if someone out there has, it might be worth a go at intercepting and rewriting the outgoing user agent string to the iPhone one using Fiddler to see if it works in principle..

(set Fiddler up as a proxy, share your wired internet connection over wlan, connect to that using the aTV, find out what the current user agent string is, then set a breakpoint on that, hit iPlayer with the aTV browser and paste in the iPhone one at the appropriate point - see if it works :)

alternatively get_iplayer might well run on the command line, but that's obviously a whole lot more fiddly than using the browser (but if it can be demonstrated to work, well that opens up the possibility of an app or firecore plugin in the relatively near future..)


hmm I also wonder if the browser's agent string is set in some config file in Firecore and hence might be user-editable - that bit I can have a bit of a poke around with at home..


(..if nobody's up for this I'll take my aTV in to work where I have all the tools for this ;)

We're currently discussing adding an option for this. Follow along here: