BBC iPlayer - Dual sound

Does anyone have BBC iPlayer working on their ATV through Boxee? When I go into it and select some video’s they don’t play. Others that do play have a ‘Click Here to Play’ icon in the middle of the screen. You can get rid of this by hitting pause and then play but this only seems to set off a second audio track so you end up with one set of visuals and two sets of audio. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Our UK users will have to answer this question, no one in the US will be able to launch iPlayer unfortunately.

I am experiencing the same issue (HIgh Wycombe - UK).

On my ATV if you attempt to pause the stream on iPlayer, it locks the image but the audio continues. If you then attempt to play, it starts a new stream of the same programme - sometimes just double audio. Occasionally it feeds the second stream. If you press menu, the audio continues but if you then attempt to go back to the programme, it starts again.

Very frustrating as I purchased the software for ATV to use iPlayer…

Tried re-booting. Updated all software. At least within the menu system.

Help from anyone appreciated.

I also have the “click to play” icon firmly located in the centre of the screen! Impossible to get rid of it. I have tried everything.

Someone need to fix the bug here…There must be a way for the guys in the US to resolve, they produced the app?

Of course, if there is a way to include a proxy…
I have used iPlaer/iPlaerDownload successfully that way from my MAC, but not on my aTV.


Don’t know if anybody else has found this but after updating to the latest version of ATV and the alpha version of Boxee BBC iPlayer is now working fine.