BBC iPlayer and RemoteHD



New to the forum so please be patient…I’ve search the forum and can’t find a specific answer to my isue so here goes.

I’ve paid my money and downloaded Remote HD for my iPad2, with the intention is to use it to watch BBC iPlayer via Airplay however, it doesn’t work.  

Firstly it just played the sound and then after updating to the latest BBC iPlayer app available, which supports Airplay it now just comes up with “an error occurred loading this content - check the source or try again later”

I can play youtube and view pictures etc this just appears to be happening with the iPlayer App…

I have an ATV v1 (grey one) which I’ve enabled RemoteHD from the install plugins folder.

Can anyone please help or advise why this is happening.


Thanks in advance

I have the same problem, maybe we need to ask Remote HD… I’ll try there.

I’ve also sent an email to Remote HD Support and am awaiting a response, does anyone else have the same issue ??? any solutions out there ???

Just had the following response from RemoteHD

"At the current time BBC iPlayer isn’t supported with the Remote HD Plugin.
When we were trying to test BBC iPlayer, we noticed that AirPlay isn’t available in all regions with BBC iPlayer.

We would like to get BBC iPlayer to work with Remote HD as it is one of our highest requests.
Hopefully sooner or later we will be able to add support to BBC iPlayer with Remote HD.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Remote HD Support"

BBC IPlayer is not yet available in a US release.