I bought my first ATV a couple weeks ago. Im not sure what G version it is, but its black, and has iOS5.0 on it. I have tried many times to jail break, with no luck. I’ve watched the tutorial on youtube Firecore has posted in there Seasonpass page, the thing im not understanding is how he can plug his USB cord in and the light comes on. Mine doesnt unless i have my power cord plugged in, so im stuck at step 1.


So my question to start with is: how do i know which appleTV i have bought ?

If it is the 720p compatible model then it s the ATV2 and there is a tethered jailbreak of the 5.0 firmware available.

If it s the 1080p compatible model then it is the newer ATV3 and tree is currently no jailbreak available for it.

if you go to settings than about it will tell you somewhere what it supports 720p or 1080 p