Basic Network Issues 101

Hello All,

Perhaps a topic of NETWORK 101 would be appropo. I am new here and see network issues sprayed all over the place.

My Unit: Apple TV
Software Version: 3.0.2
ATV Flash Version: 4.1
Network: Gigabit CAT5e
Server: DroboShare (Datarobotics)
Protocol: SMB

I have just installed my Apple TV /ATV Flash config and applied all available updates and most additional apps.
Me thinks it a killer community with killer apps :shock:

My intended use here is to access movies stored on a DrobosShare NAS in ISO format.
The NAS root folder is DROBO
After running the Smart Installer I was able to see my network shares via Nito TV > Files
A subsequent installation of additional apps (Firefox, XBMC, Boxee, etc) has left me without access to these (or any) folders.
After reading the FAQ I have attempted to add mountable shares via Network > Add Manual Sharepoint.
I have set the Mount Name, Mount Type (SMB), IP address, etc…

My question relates to creating a manual sharepoint mount.
From FAQ:
“Volume path: This is the name of the folder/drive you wish to mount.
A custom path can be specified later for folders within the folder/drive.
Enter only the folder/drive name itself without any slashes.”

Is this to say I could enter only the shared folder name?
Assume a Windows Server 2003 install.
The data is located at E:\User1\Movies; a shared folder.
Would I simply use Movies as the Volume Path?
What if this server has E:[u]User2[/u]\Movies; E:[u]User3[/u]\Movies, etc?

BTW, my problem of not seeing the shares via NitoTV > Files was resolved by simply re-initializing (re-installing) the Smart Installer.
Now why would this be?

So this leaves me asking:
[color=#BF0000]How to create a manual sharepoint?[/color]

What is meant in the Demo Video by:
“all the network shares advertised by Bonjourno”? I assume a relation to Bonjour Services?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Thx fer lissnin’


I saw your message in regards to DroboShare which I’ve same thing and greatly appreciate your input here. I can’t figure out how to setup my DroboShare cross the Ethernet network and recognize it at NitoTv Network? If you are calling yourself Basic Network 101 then I should call myself Basic -100! I’m relay stock here & can’t see the Drobo drive on AppleTV. The DroboShare setup is fine since I can see my drive at my MacPro system. But, don’t see it on the NitoTV!


Hang in there, I suppose.
Me, well this was take two on Apple TV, with little success.
So I canned it…again.
I will likely revisit the issue in the future, but for now it seems a near dead end street for my purposes.

Good luck!

My DroboShare configured fine on my network, since I can view & access it from my MacPro system (On same Ethernet Network). But, I’ve tried everything to access it on NitoTV without any luck! I’m sure that I’m not the only one here & hoping someone already figured out the issue! My next option is purchase a MiniMAC & connected to my Ethernet HUB with my TV & AppleTV, so I can access all my movies stored at Drobo. Since, they are physically far from each other. Expensive, but its only proven solution.


In my original post note that I was able to see the DroboShares by re-initializing the Smart Installer.
[color=#BF0000]Have you run the “Smart Installer”?[/color]
"Seeing"the files is not my issue(s).
I’m just saying there are several devices better suited for my purposes.
It seems apparent to me the Apple TV, even with the ATV Flash, has a limited target market.
I bought hte ATV thinking it was on par with mainstream media players.
It seems more of the Apple equivalent to a M$ Media Center Extender.

My 2 cents; mileage my vary, use only as directed, void where prohibited …


The Droboshare will probably not be recognized via Bonjour, but you can still access it by creating a manual share point as described here:

If you’ve already done this, are you receiving an error when attempting to mount the Drobo?