Basic help needed with DVD Ripping


So I just bought an Apple TV, installed aTV Flash, and now I am trying to fill up my HD with movies. Simple task, or so I thought.

I am used Handbrake to RIP Reservoir Dogs (nice start!), which I did to a 734MB .m4v file which looks good when I watch it on my MBPro with VLC.

But when I copy it and open it with my ATV (through Nito, Files, whatever), it looks very bad. I get a lot of large pixels and mosaic.

Is there a fail safe technique to Rip and watch movies on the ATV?

Eventually I will want to RIP Bluerays as well and get real HD movies, is that even possible?

THanks for your help.

Any suggestions? My files through handbrake have grainy lines throughout, I got this so I could store all my (purchased) DVD, but because the quality is so bad I may as well take it all back and use the dvd player instead.

Your best option (if space is not an issue) is to rip and play your DVDs as described in the guide below.

Rip it works awesome, and so fast.