Bandwidth limit exceeded in Infuse but works in Plex


I am using Infuse Pro on my Apple TV 4K, connecting to a remote Plex Server.

Recently, I have been having the following message when watching or trying to watch a TV Show:
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
Adjust the remote streaming and/or upload speed settings in Plex in order to play this video.

However, when I use the official Plex app (with the new player), the show plays without problems at all. Checking in Tautulli, video and audio direct play, as seen in the screenshot.

Anybody has any ideas or clues?


Infuse doesn’t use the Plex server to transcode videos, it plays the video straight from the server. The Plex app uses the server to provide a lower resolution video to stay within the set bandwidth.

Ask the owner of the remote server to up the bandwidth.

Thanks for your answer. However the server does not transcode when playing in the Plex player, as it shows in the screenshot, so I am not sure to understand why it would be a problem in Infuse but not in Plex.

I don’t use plex but since your post says “Adjust the remote streaming and/or upload speed settings in Plex in order to play this video.” maybe the server sees Infuse as being an upload rather than a “stream” and the upload speed is set lower whereas it sees the Plex player as a streamer. Can you ask what the settings are for each?

I am running the remote Plex server. Files are on a Google drive. I will try to investigate about the difference between streaming and uploading, though I am not sure where to start.
It used to work flawlessly until the last few days, and I have not made any changes on the server.

Would this help? Server Settings - Bandwidth and Transcoding Limits | Plex Support

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Sorry for my delayed answer. I changed the internet upload speed and the problem seems to have disappeared, although it was already above the bitrate of the video.

Thanks for pointing out this setting, which I had forgotten!

Glad you got it running! I’m guessing that the upload speed may need to be higher than the bitrate of the video since Infuse does try to buffer ahead so the upload speed could be higher than the bitrate of the video for the time it’s buffering and then lower than the bitrate when it’s playing from the buffer.

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The reason this happens is that Plex Clients talk back to the server and advise what bandwidth they can handle. If this is the same or more than the content being played then plex streams or direct plays the content. If it is less than the require bandwdith for the content being played it will request the content be transcoded.

Infuse does not talk to plex to advise what bandwdith is needed and therefore Plex does not know what bandwdith should be used. By default Plex will just assume it needs twice as much as the contents average bitrate states. This is why you had to increase your limit to stream the same content with Infuse comapred to a Plex Client App.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. Is there a way for a third-party app to tall Plex how much bandwidth it needs?

Nothing that’s standard user of the third party app code do, that I’m aware of. Possibly through the API if they allow that function through that process. But that’s a code change to the third party app.

The above like might be able to help. But I only know of this after a 2 min google search so your results may vary.

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