Baidu cloud drive

Baidu cloud disk (Baidu Yun pan) is the most ubiquitous one and has the most market penetration. To a point where people will share a file with baidu and assume you have premium there, and if you don’t have premium with fast downloading quota, that’s your problem.


As the largest cloud service provider in China, Baidu Cloud has a large number of people using Baidu Netdisk. It is hoped that infuse can support Baidu Netdisk as one of the sharing sources, which can further expand the use of infuse and become one of the most well-known media software in the world!


Baidu cloud drive is the most popular cloud service provider in China.As a user of Baidu cloud drive,
hoping that infuse can support reading videos from Baidu cloud drive directly,so it will be much more convenient to watch my video in Baidu cloud drive.

Baidu Cloud has a huge user base and strongly supports it.

Baidu Netdisk has many users in China. I have been using Baidu Cloud Drive for nearly 10 years, and Infuse is also a very easy playback engine, and I really hope that Infuse can support reading videos directly from Baidu Cloud Disk.

Baidu Cloud Drive is the largest cloud platform in China, and there are many users who hope that Infuse can support Baidu Cloud Network Drive

As a big fan of Baidu Cloud, I think you should consider the need to support it. Otherwise, there is a high probability that we will lose this market, please implement it as soon as possible.

Baidu Cloud has a large number of people using Baidu Netdisk. It is hoped that infuse can support Baidu Netdisk as one of the sharing sources

Baidu Netdisk is an excellent online storage platform that offers convenient and efficient storage solutions for users. With its high-speed upload and download speeds, users can store and access their files easily, regardless of their location or device. The generous storage space and low-cost storage plans also provide users with a cost-effective solution for storing their important files. Additionally, Baidu Netdisk offers a wide range of features, including file synchronization, version control, and file sharing, which make it an all-in-one storage solution for users. I strongly recommend using Baidu Netdisk as your primary online storage solution.

Thank you for all your hard work in making Aliyun Drive available on infuse via a direct link. As a user in China, I decided to buy the subscription after hearing this news. It’s very exciting to see that the developers are responding to the requests of Chinese users. On the other hand, Baidu Cloud drive as the rank 1 cloud storage provider still cannot linked to infuse directly. If this can be done, more users from China will choose to use this amazing app!

Hello, could you please add the support of Baidu Netdisk for infuse app? Thanks!

I moved your post to an already running thread requesting this feature.

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