"Bad URL. Press Menu to go back to Main Menu" error

Hi everybody.

I jailbroke my ATV2, installed XBMC, everything fine (this is September 2011). 3 months later I bought aTV Flash mainly for Couch Surfer Pro so I could watch local VOD which supports iOS, but doesn’t work on the ATV. $30 down the drain but what the hell.


My main beef, is that after I installed aTV Flash I always, without exceptions, get this error when I boot up my Apple TV or exit XBMC.  



I bought aTV Flash on December 14th or 15th and updated it last night, but to no avail. Does anyone have a quick fix for this situation?

All I can  say is that what you are seeing is not normal behavior.   Maybe somneone else can come up with a reson why it is happening o you.

There seems to have been some strange behavior happening to those who have installed XBMC recently as it now picks up the Eden beta release which may still have some issues (it is a betqa release after all).  Whether this is the culprit in your case I am not sure.


A good assumption but no. When I installed aTVFlash XBMC was already installed. I’m running an XMBC nightly build from September (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)

I’m getting this error too. Happens when I restart the device, I attempt a software install, make a tweak/change to an app (like trying to remove a location from the Weather app), and pretty much any time the aTV inteface relaunches. Haven’t installed XBMC. There’s a bug in the software and I’d like my aTV to be working without throwing a darn error all the time. I paid for this product! Please fix it!

This was happening on 4.3 for me. I jailbroke it again on 4.4.4 and installed aTVFlash 1.1.1. and it’s gone now. For the better, since it was a major nuisance. 

Do you have the auto-start feature enabled? Having this enabled will auto-load the specified URL when the AppleTV is powered on, or restarted.

This feature can be adjusted through the Browser --> Settings --> Auto-Start menu.

exactly.just disable auto start in browser or set it it to a valid url.thankx