Bad photo quality

Hi guys,

is there a way to improve the quality of pictures. I’m ‘streaming’ them over ethernet from my synology disk station and the quality is not really impressive. Quality of the pictures should be great (14mp) on my screen but they look like a very low quality version of the original files.

Is there a way to improve this, or is it due to the huge file size (>10mb per image)?



Hmmm, if you’re able to send in a sample image we can take a look.


here is an sample image: [5mb] Looks clear on the pc, but if I open this picture in the mediaplayer via synology-share it looks quite blured with artefacts. 



Thanks. I’ll see what we can do.

Is the beta 6 able to display photos? I can see my video files via ethernet but not my jpg’s. MediaPlayer shows me the folders as empty.

at least .jpg files work (haven’t tried anything else)

but the speed is quite slow (also via ethernet). Depending on the amount of pictures in the folder it can take a few minutes to load and show the first one :frowning:

Hope there will be some improvement in the next version!