Backups not working????

Previously I’ve used the backup feature a few times…  Today I backed up my AppleTV (full backup) using the Maintenance tool and installed 5.2 using SeasonPass and installed aTV Flash (Black).  

Unfortunately, when I go to restore my backup, it takes about a minute or two “Fetching”, then I get a screen with the words “Apple TV Backups” and that’s it.  

Any help restoring my previous settings?  

Do you recall if a ‘Normal’ or ‘Full’ backup was performed, and if the ‘backup successful’ message was displayed?

We’ve seen a few cases where Full backups can grow to over 1GB in size, and the Apple TV with its meager 256MB of RAM just won’t be able to handle compressing/uploading that large of a file and will simply crash. 

It was a full backup, and it did say it was successful. 

It’s not a big deal, though as the most customizations I had was to XBMC.  I was able to get it set up in about 30 minutes or so.  


I got exactly the same problem here.

I cannot access my ATV2 backups after having upgraded to iOS 5.2 (jailbroken
version). I did both types of backup prior to the upgrade “normal” and “full” and in both cases I got the message that the baclup was successful.

Is there any way I could gain again access to my backup, as I would hate to configure everything from scratch again?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards

Is this the process I would use…I have a jailbroken atv2 at 4.4.4 and want to upgrade it to 5.2 which my other jb atv said it backed up.  Is that all i have to do to upgrade to 5.2? 

You have to have 5.2 shsh blobs for THIS atv2 before you can upgrade it to 5.2 firmware.   You cannot use those from a different atv2.

I have the exact same problem described on the first message. After upgrading to the latest aTV Flash (Black) I do not have access to backups (not even a list to select them from ) just a black screen with the words “Apple TV Backups”

I backed up today, it said backup complete. 

Then i upgraded to 5.3, did the tethered boot, installed ATV flash(black) etc. Now the backups are listed (todays as well as an older one) but they both say “zero kb” can’t be selected. 


I was planning to restore all the watched/unwatched data from Infuse!