Backup/Restore AppleTV...and related aTV Flash Files

I now have aTV Flash working and was wondering if there is a way to backup/restore AppleTV.

I tried connecting to the box, using an the IP address, but that did not work.

Of course, I could connect to the box using Cyber Duck and copy all files to my MacPro. However, would I be able to restore by simply copying the files back?

All feedback is appreciated.

If you backup the following two folders you can easily restore your settings should you ever perform a factory restore.

Library/Application Support

So that I understand…

If I had to do a factory restore, I would do the following:

  1. Perform factory restore.
  2. Resync my iTunes
  3. Reinstall aTV Flash
  4. Copy the two folders you mentioned back to the AppleTV box.

Is that it?

Yes, this would allow you to recover any aTV Flash settings and any metadata imported through Sapphire.