Backing up media from ATV External HDD

I have an ATV with ATVFlash installed. When I configured ATVFlash, I selected the external storage option, and attached a 1TB USB disk drive to the ATV. That drive, which is now about 3/4 full, has, on occasion, begun making noises! I am thinking that it may fail in the near future.

I’d like to backup the downloaded content currently stored on the drive to another disk. I thought I might be able to do that using FTP, but while I’ve successfully logged in to the ATV using FTP, my attempts to find the downloaded content have been unsuccessful.

My two questions a very simple:

  1. Is it possible to backup the content now stored on the ATV external drive?
  2. If so, exactly HOW does one do that.


The cleanest way to switch drives would be to:

  1. Sync all media back to iTunes.
  2. Switch to internal storage through Maintenance → Settings menu.
  3. Disconnect old drive and connect new drive.
  4. Setup new drive as primary storage through Maintenance → Settings menu.

Thanks, max. That sounds clear enough, at least the part about switching away from and back to external media (i.e. I understand the reasons and the mechanics of that).

The one part I am NOT clear on is how to get the ATV to sync with iTunes. For me, iTunes always syncs with the ATV never the other way around. Can you help with that?

You may try setting iTunes to do a ‘custom sync’ then select the option to sync all movies, tv shows etc. This should transfer any purchased content back to iTunes. Once the content is in iTunes it can be synced to the new drive.