Background sound too loud

Hi, Ben testing Infuse for the last week. Works pretty good. Have had a few freezes but generally very good. Running from my iPhone 7. Casting to my tv via chromecast. Y use the same thing with plex. Buy with infuse the background sounds are too loud leaving voices too low. I though it was one of the episodes, but its with all the videos I play.

Is there a fix for regulating the levels?

Thank you.

One thing you may try is toggling the Dolby Audio Effects option on/off to see if this makes a meaningful difference.

If that doesn’t help, we’d love to get a sample video that is exhibiting this issue.

Thank you very much. Will try it and let you know.

Ok, si I’ve played a few videos with the settings suggested and it actually improved. Still not as played on plex, but I can live with it. It would be nice to see if this can improve in time.

Thank you!