Background refresh with Plex library?

From what I can see, Infuse is supposed to support background refresh. I have this enabled in tvOS settings, however, every time I fire up Infuse, I have to wait 30 seconds to 2 minutes for it to “catch up” with Plex. I use Infuse on the Apple TV, but I use the Plex web player on my computer. Is there a way to get Infuse to periodically check Plex for updates to content and watching progress?

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There is limited background refresh support on the apple tv and infuse is capable of doing some, but there isn’t exactly a formula for it to run. It cannot just be scheduled. This is a limitation of tvOS but might improve as you use infuse more or make sure your devices are always on and connected

I use the app plenty. It and Netflix are the only two apps with background refresh enabled. I just don’t think it actually works at all.

I know for me I count on about 1 to 2 minutes for the first start of the day in Infuse. It seems that Infuse has a regular routine on start that it seems to always go through. It checks for new additions to the media server and the up next list and a check with iCloud sync. This whole evolution seems to take about the 1 to 2 minute range.

The background refresh does do a ton for me. I notice it does update the library with any recent changes as well as the watched status is updated. I’ve turned off background updating for every other program listed in the ATV other than Infuse. I have noticed that Infuse on devices that I don’t use as often as my main ATV the start up sync seems to take often up to 5 minutes to complete so it’s like Apple takes the frequency of use into the formula to determine how often to allow an app to refresh.

This is just my experience with two media servers one of which has 3 external drives to wake and scan so I’m okay with this delay.

Right, the “first time today” startup loop where it takes 1-2 minutes to get changes to Plex is what I’m kind of hoping will just be happening in the background. The AppleTV is just sitting there idle all the time, so it could be doing that.

It’s sort of a black box if/when tvOS allows for background updates to occur.

Infuse will request background activity every hour, though this is simply a request and there is no guarantee the system will allow this.

As best we can tell, Apple looks at things like device load, free disk space, battery level (iOS), etc… when determining if an app will be granted background access.

To me background refresh is working.

Take for example, the cover is auto change when I open the infuse where I just change the cover at PC Plex.

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