Background playback not working

There is function that I love that isn’t working properly since the latest version. It’s the continue reading in background with the screen off.
It plays a file for maximum 5” and then completely shuts off. When logging again, the app is closed and the home screen visible.

So, that function is broken. And I still can’t used touchID to open infuse (see my previous post)

Best regards ??

Thanks for the note.

This is something we’ve seen a few other reports of as well, and are working to resolve ASAP.

I am experiencing this issue on my iPhone X running 11.1.1 and it’s very frustrating.

It’s not limited to Infuse though, a lot of my apps are doing it on both my iPad 2017 and iPhone X.

This has been fixed in Infuse 5.6.1 which we are submitting to Apple today.

Hoping for a speedy app review. :slight_smile:

Thank for the follow up. That’s a great news.


5.6.1 is now available on the App Store! :slight_smile:

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