Background downloads not working?

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I am super excited that background indexing and downloading were added in 6.1.6! I just updated on my iPad Pro 11" running iOS 13.0 but I’m still getting the “Video downloads have been paused.” notification when I lock my screen or switch to another app while downloading a movie. Is there something else I need to do to enable background downloads?

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One thing to check is that Background App Refresh is enabled for Infuse in iOS > Settings.

If you’re still seeing issues please drop us a quick note from your device so we can take a look. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply! I checked and background refresh was enabled for Infuse. I tried turning it off and back on again, and restarting Infuse, and I’m still getting that notification. I’ll send the diagnostic email. Thanks!

I think that on iOS 13 background sync starts when the os wants and not after closing the app. Possibly :
-when plugged in
-on WiFi
-depending on how much you use the app

Interesting. I left the iPad on a charger all night and it was also connected to WiFi, but it made no progress downloading anything all night. I submitted diagnostics so maybe they can figure out what’s up from that.

So, quick update.

The background downloads are working, but if/when this happens is handled by iOS and is determined by a number of things such as battery level, system load, Wi-Fi signal, etc… Infuse can request some time for background tasks, but it’s not guaranteed. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you have Background App Refresh enabled, and are not force-closing Infuse.

There is a bug in 6.1.6 which will cause Infuse to display a ‘downloads paused’ notification in some cases, even if downloads are continuing in the background as expected. This is something we’ll have fixed soon in the next update.

Thanks for the update! That’s interesting… is there anything I can do to “help” iOS download in the background? Every time I switch back to Infuse, the downloads have not actually made any additional progress since I left the app, even if the device is connected to power and has a WiFi connection.

Not really. :frowning:

If you switch away from Infuse we try to schedule the background activity right away. If iOS doesn’t allow that, Infuse will run a background task update every hour.

The logic for when background tasks are allowed isn’t public, so unfortunately we don’t have much insight as to when these tasks can run.

Interesting video about background sync in iOS13: Advances in App Background Execution - WWDC 2019 - Videos - Apple Developer

A few fixes are available in the 6.1.7 update, which is available now. :slight_smile:

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