Background audio controls not working

Has anyone else noticed that the pause/play button on the lock screen is no longer working. It never pauses the audio. Also I have setup a timer with stop playing as the action at the end that used to stop the video which also no longer works. I suspect the two are linked.

Basically when I turn the ipad off and just have audio playing pressing the pause button doesn’t do anything anymore. I use this as a sleep timer. It used to work and still does with VLC but I don’t want to go back to that.



When playing a video if you lock the ipad the controls to pause the playback to not work. It continues playing even when the pause button is pressed.

Does this happen on the last release version 7.4.8 and on the current beta 7.4.9?

I have tested on both versions and they both have the same issue.

Since it’s not a new issue on the beta and is also on the released version I moved this to your currently running thread on this problem.