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I could not find in other questions posted on the forum so wanted to know can you change the background art for movies/tv shows?

At the moment it appears you can customise most other arts (film cover/series covers/etc) but not the background. Would be nice to have something different than the existing transparent image that it defaults to.


This can be done by adding an image with with “-fanart” added to it.


Inception-2010.mp4 and Inception-2010-fanart.jpg

thanks James!

I did read that article previously but obviously didn’t quite understand :slight_smile:

Afraid this did not work.

It only changed the film cover art and not the main background art in the film main screen. And by main background I am referring to screen which has the film description and list of actors, etc. (just to be clear :-))


One note.

If Infuse has already cached details/artwork for this particular video, you would need to use the Edit option in Infuse to reload the artwork for this file.

Hi James,

This is still not working correctly for me. I refreshed the film through the edit option and still it is not working correctly. The movie cover is changing to the fanart but the background remains the same. I have made sure that the file name is exactly matching that of the video file, with the -fanart added at the end.

I found on another page on the infuse site that are setting instructions which say “Show Fanart: Fanart can be shown as a backdrop for the pre-playback screen (available when using Grid View).” This menu is not available as an option to select for me in the settings page though (i am using a apple TV 4K)

Would appreciate anyone else help with this too!

is there a way to display the same background picture across all the app (menu, favorites, folders…) and if possible without the blurring effect?

Any update on this? I can’t seem to update the large (background/hero) artwork for shows or movies. Only cover art.

We’re not aware of any issues in the current version.

Just add your landscape artwork (name it like the below example), use the Edit option to refresh the metadata, and it should appear.

  • Pulp Fiction.mkv
  • Pulp Fiction-fanart.jpg

Recommended fanart size is 1920x1080 (minimum) 3840×2160 (recommended).

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, just couldn’t find anything closer when searching. My issues are primarily related to the tv shows. I’ve attempted most naming conventions I can think of, background.jpg, fanart.jpg, favorite.jpg, favorite-atv.jpg, folder.jpg. Only poster.jpg seems to work reliably for me, but that doesn’t change the background on the media detail page.

All the files above have been located inside /Show Name/Season/

Should it be /Show Name/Season-1-fanart.jpg, or something similar?

This isn’t supported yet, but is planned.

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That explains it! Thanks for sharing the other thread, definitely sounds like something I’d do.